Lets Get Ethical Part 2

a. I have used other creatives works in my own at times, but only for drafts. I’ve learned throughout my designing and creative career that it may seem like a good premise to start with someone’s piece and incorporate it into your own design, but ultimately, in the end your design will be better if you can create your own version of what they have created. Using other artwork as inspiration for your own artwork has been done for many years and will continue to be what the heart of art actually is, but just to blatantly use someone else’s artwork is never a good choice. The Golden rule is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and you would never want to see your artwork being incorporated into another art piece and that artist claiming it to be their own.

b. This Fairey Copyright case has me so conflicted because I want to be on both sides of the argument. On the Shepherd side he created a poster and allegedly he made no profit for me. He sent all the profits to either Obama’s campaign or other charities. While creating that poster, he decided to use an image and he transformed the image in such a way that the final product is truly his. An AIGAs copyright chapter. It starts by asking what is copyrightable? “Work must be original and creative to be copyrightable here. Originality simply means that the designer created the work and did not copy it from someone else.” The way this chapter starts is almost confusing within this case. ‘Work must be original’, What does that honestly mean? Shepherd Fairey did create something original. It was just also created from something else but the end product is creative and it is original, isn’t it? Although in AIGA’s chapter of photography in rights, it states “a professional photographer, sales of license to use a photograph in particular circumstances.” Fairey didn’t ask permission to use this photograph and clearly he used that photograph and when he thought he may be in trouble for it. He tried to backtrack and claim that he did not use the photograph, went back on that word and explained that he did use that photograph. The back and forth doesn’t make his case look great but in all I do feel his end product was changed enough to not be in trouble, but I’m just not sure honestly. In my opinion though, this can all be avoided if you use your own photography or just simply agree to make a piece along with the photographer if they have a photo that you would like to use. Work together with the people who have the elements you would like to use or learn to make your own elements.

Lets Get Ethical Part 1

a. From a writing perspective, since high school my English teachers have been telling me and my classmates to be careful with plagiarism. Plagiarism was always subject to not only failure in your writing assignments but also had repercussions that could lead to being expelled. Being ethically professional from a design standpoint is basically the same guidelines and practices. Luckily, within my internship at timeout market, New York, we don’t handle much a sourcing of images because we take our own photographs for our own designs. We do use the company’s trademark and logos and more careful not to put their logo on anything that would not reflect on the business conglomerate as a whole in a malicious or poorly represented way. If ever you do decide to take a piece of writing or image, it’s so important to give the artist or author that do credit in their work. I personally never want to take anyone’s work and treat it as my own. Not only because I don’t want to done to me, but because I rather have something I know I’ve created from zero to a full product. Photography such a big part of our design within the market. It only makes sense to take pictures of our own products that we’ve taken ourselves to design around because we know we want and it is easier to create it than to search for a photo and it not be exactly what we’re looking for. In my personal work, I’ve been working on creating my own elements within my design to make sure every piece of my final product is created by me, including things like logos, photos, and other aspects that create a good design project. When I first started school how I would use a lot of the other elements I was inspired by and professors have been encouraging me to create those elements myself and the more I begin to actually create those elements the better my resulting projects are.
b. Aforementioned in previous internship posts the The culture around my internship is a very laid back and relaxed live. And I believe they’ve trusted me and my supervisor with logos and icons of the timeout group. I haven’t signed any non-disclosures or confidentiality agreements. We just work together and keep each other accountable.


Luckily my supervisor Arenn has truly become a mentor for me. The way he conducts himself in the work place and how he is actively trying to better himself and the people coming up behind him is commendable. His montra within his career is sincerely each one teach one, he feels he isn’t properly progressing in his career if he isn’t passing down the knowledge he’s received over the years to someone coming up behind him, and I appreciate that not only as a designer and entrepreneur but as a black man and a human being.

How We Work

There aren’t many people to collaborate with within the company except for Arenn or our design person in the UK. Our design person in the UK actually no longer works with us, so Arenn and I are the ones collectively working together. For a new menu that consisted of The Brooklyn beers reserve at the market. He helps me with the menu parameters and our market colors that we usually use within our menus so that my menu would match what we already have.

A Day In The Life

I’ve been learning a lot about the design and marketing team dynamic throughout this internship, which I’m very grateful for. For instance, I mentioned in a previous post, my design team is actually only one man and he’s working from the UK. Time out groups headquarters is in the UK, so technically me and the marketing manager are the ones who are different; working in the New York office. My degree concentration is in graphic design and my supervisor has worked his hardest in giving me assignments that pertain to my concentration with things like menus, upcoming photos that we need for posters the design of the physical poster and more assignments in that realm. There isn’t much clerical work that I’ve done yet. Typically I’ll come in and Arenn and I will start with real conversation. We talk about how our week has been since we last have seen each other. We talk about basketball and other interests that we collectively have and then we’ll get into what we will be working on for the day or the week.

The TimeOut Culture

As for the culture around timeout market New York. It’s been very relaxed, laid back and just a chill overall vibe. As a bartender at the market have realized how the managers interact with me and my co-workers and amongst themselves and I knew it would be a good environment to go for an internship. Has a bartender. I have a uniform but as a design intern I dress very laid back. Maybe a polo possibly slacks or darker jeans. Usually sneakers it’s all very relaxed. None of the managers, including the general manager have a traditional office. We all basically work at a single table that’s fairly long but within the market amongst the customers. My direction supervisor Mr. Evans let’s me take lunch whenever we feel we should eat something. We never wait too long, but it’s not such a formal version of a work day.

My Role

More specifically, my role will be basically the design assistant to the marketing manager. My supervisor Arren Evans, is the marketing manager of timeout market New York. In my process for receiving this internship it came about because I work at timeout market, New York as a bartender. I knew my time was coming for school where I’d need an internship, so I decided to ask a couple of managers if they knew of any opportunities. I was led to Arenn Evans who instead of giving me a more traditional interview decided to kind of give me an assignment where I’d make a time-out market New York menu and he’d send it to the proper people to see if I could receive an internship with them. So that’s exactly what I did and I sent him my designs. He sent those designs to the general manager of timeout market New York and thus this opportunity was born.

Internship Intro

For my internship I’ll be working for timeout market. Timeout market is a very large company that most of us have heard of. Time out is a public company and If you were around at a certain time in New York City, you saw timeout magazine handing out there magazine throughout New York City. The company I am working with is an entity of that magazine where they put all the best restaurants of a city under one roof. My internship will of course be at time. I’m working New York but the time out market locations are expanding almost all the time. We have a location in Dubai, Lisbon, Toronto, Chicago, Miami, and Boston. Coming soon will be locations like Cape Town in Africa, Barcelona, Osaka Japan, and two more Canadian locations in Montreal and Vancouver. At the start of the time out group their main bread and butter was the magazines that they produced in different cities and now their taking that same premise and I’m sure their bulk of revenue is coming from these markets. At time of New York, the company’s customers seem to primarily be Taurus of New York who are in the Brooklyn area and are deciding to do something fun with their day, and some New Yorkers as well. The Timeout Group was founded in 1968 and the first Timeout market was opened in Lisbon in 2014 and Timeout market New York open the 2019. The area in which I’ll be working for my internship is the graphic design area. I’ll be working closely with the time out market New York marketing manager because our graphic design team of one person resides in the UK which is where the time out group headquarters actually is.