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Summary The Fading Art of Diagramming Sentences

This article is referring to the educational technique of Diagramming sentences. It became to a halt when people in the National Council of Teachers of English saw that it made learning how to write a sentence harder. Someone was quoted in the article saying on top of learning the usual things of what goes in a sentence they would have to learn how to structure it in the diagram also. In 1985 it was declared a repetitive grammar exercise.


Reticent- disposed to be silent or not to speak freely; reserved.
Via Dictionary.com
I found reticent during my reading of a TIME magazine article.
Now I understand that the people in the article were reserving themselves from the media,

Saturation and Muted Color Study

I really like doing these kind of projects. Even if I can’t get the perfect value it’s great to see the cool values to be made from only three main colors red, blue, and yellow. With that being said I do wish my narrow muted values were a little darker because it isn’t as noticeable how they differ in saturation.IMG_20141119_003857


Chromatic Gray Studies

I enjoyed doing this project a lot, I think it’s because each color didn’t have to be a distinct color, only chromatic grays.IMG_20141116_181648

“Wonder” Exhibit

IMG_20141110_134035My favorite image was the one by Jennifer Ramos fall 2013. I think the color was cool, but i believe the best part was the value and perspective of the picture. It was taken from a seemingly impossible angle and that I think is what made the image beautiful.

Reading Lucy

Reading Lucy was about a woman who who found letters about another woman named Lucille Kolkin. Jennifer Egan is the woman who found these letters and they all mentioned Lucy and her relationship with a man named Alfred whom she nicknamed Al. She also mentions throughout the letters about herself and her husband working during World War II.

Fastest/Beautiful Route Summary and Reflection

In this very interesting article by Lex Berko. They speak on application or app that can help you receive the fastest and most beautiful route to your destination. Some things they were inquiring about was that some routes that are appealing to some may not be to others. This was something I also thought about, they asked themselves the question “but how do you quantify concepts as nebulous as beauty or happiness?” Their question was answered when they went to a website that juxtaposed two pictures and surveyed what people are appealed to most.
In my opinion Im not sure what route I would pick. But, I do know what I like in an alternate route app. I would most likely like to have a fast route that shows me the most pictures of urban artwork and basketball courts. It is very bizarre to see those things together but this is what I would like to see. I have been loving basketball since I was a little boy and urban art like graffiti art because I personally can not do it.


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