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Hashir and Ricardo Presentation

Hashir Presentation

Computer Stories: AI is beginning to assist novelist.

I thought the subject was very interesting, I wonder if eventually you would be able to download “writing sytles” and emulate other writers.



Before a Deal, Amazon Had to know: Could Cuomo and De Blasio Get Along?

I like your choice of topic as it is very relevant to our field and area. Definitely looking forward to new job opportunities within the city.


How Alibaba group outnumbered human in reading text?

I’m quite not in agreement with computer doing work for human. Instead it’s the other way around. Whatever a computer does its preprogrammed to do it. You can see in essence human beings are better in doing things. We can modify our behavior in realtime without fore knowledge of future happenings, computers must be programmed to behave the same way but only after an event.