Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper France (Charles Perrault)

This Cinderella story is very similar to the story i grew up reading. The princess Cinderella is treated badly by her step mother because she was more beautiful than her daughters. Cinderella doesn’t want to trouble her father because shes afraid her father wouldĀ scolded her, so she keeps the fact that her step mother and step sisters treat her unfairly to herself. Despite them treating her poorly she’s still kind to them. Later on she gets the prince that every other girl in the kingdom wants. This story is practically identical besides a few difference. In the story, they explained that she got her name CinderellaĀ  from cleaning the chimney, they originally called herĀ Cinder-wench but one of the sisters called her Cinderella instead because they felt sorry for her and that name stuck eventually. In the story i know with, her name was ella and one of the sisters called her Cinderella because she had cinder all over her face and clothes from making a fire in the fire pit. Another difference was that there was only one ball in the original story, but in this version she attended two balls but at the second one is where she lost her slipper. The last difference was that Cinderella found husbands for her step sisters once she was married to her prince. The story itself doesn’t say much about Frances cultureĀ  expect for when the too step sisters were preparing for the ball and one of the sisters said she would wear a red velvet suit with french trimming but besides that to me the story doesn’t reflect much on Frances culture.

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