Cinderella Stories


When I think about Cinderella as a story, I expect it to include:

  • happy ending (for whom?): for everyone, or just for her (and if so, a bad ending for the others, or is she benevolent to them?)
  • Cinderella character = stepdaughter (protagonist) marries royalty/nobility
  • Cinderella character is inherently good despite mistreatment
  • tragic past for C
  • C faces hardships
  • always a villain
  • C mistreated by family (stepmother, step sisters)
  • father remarrying after his wife (C’s mother) dies
  • C meets a man and falls in love
  • karma!
  • Animals help out!
  • someone mentors/looks out for her
  • Readers sympathize with her
  • something left behind (shoe, jewelry)
  • magic! and it has guidelines and restrictions
  • magic ends (at midnight?)
  • turning the other cheek–she doesn’t do the same to them as they do to her, doesn’t complain
  • C doesn’t tell father/doesn’t have access to him
  • C forced to do heavy chores that other don’t have to do
  • do they go to a ball/some kind of event geared toward marriage
  • violent/gruesome

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