Week 10: Ending Unit 2 & Starting Unit 3

Class Info

  • Dates: Wednesday, 4/3, Monday, 4/8 (Solar Eclipse!)
  • Meeting Info: 11:30am-12:45pm in room N602A


  • To review quotation and citation practices; to present our work and offer each other feedback, critique, and support; to finalize the Op-Ed/Opinion Essay and all related work; to write a reflection about the Op-Ed/Opinion Essay
  • To complete any unfinished work, especially Project 1: Discourse Communities and make a plan for its revision.

For Wednesday, 4/3



  • Finish a full draft for Project 2.

In Class Wednesday, 4/3

For Monday, 4/8



  • If you haven’t finished Project 2, continue writing
  • If you have finished Project 2, consider beginning your Project 1 revision
  • It’s National Poetry Month–so consider writing another poem!

In Class 4/8

  • Project 2 Reflection: Now that you have finished your opinion essay, write a letter to me in which you reflect on your work by considering the following questions in any order that works for you:
    • What did you write about in Project 2?
    • What did you learn from completing this project, both about your topic and about yourself as a writer/researcher/reader/collaborator?
    • What are you proud of in your opinion essay?
    • What would you like help or support with as you revise this project?
    • What grade do you think your essay has earned, based on the Project 2 grading criteria?
    • Is there anything else I should know about?
  • Introducing Project 3
  • What is a multimodal text? A text that includes multiple modes: writing, audio, sound, image, video
  • Examples: social media eg instagram, tiktok; graphic novel or non-fiction; podcasts; documentary, film, video; newpapers, also online versions and the multimodal texts they can showcase; advertisements; posters; zines

Photo Credit

sparkler writing” by Virginia (Ginny) Sanderson via Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0