Reflection #7

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I was nervous starting off because I truly wanted to impress with my work. Being able to have full control and freedom of layout and the overall design really helped me be confident in designs. Being able to work from home and having flexible hours also helped me to work efficiently and have better results. Having a  deadline also kept me organized and communication was also really accessible if I needed something all I had to do was a message through the Rocks platform.

Every assignment I had refreshed the skills that I had learned thought-out the semesters. Being able to apply these skills outside the classwork in this case for this organization was very helpful because knowing what to do saved me a lot of time and made my work stand out

Hoodie & T-shirt Design #6

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My last week’s task was to make mockups of hoodies and t-shirts using the organization’s logo. For this task, I only used photoshop; what I enjoyed about this project is that I was given the liberty to design the hoodies and t-shirts in any way I wanted. I decided to make 4 mockups for the hoodies and 4 t-shirts. I kept the designs minimal I wanted the logo to stand out the most. For the first two hoodies, I made them black and grey with the organization’s logo on the left side of the chest area. I made the last two hoodies black with a turquoise color with the logo being in the center of both hoodies

For the T-shirts, I used white, navy blue, black, and taupe purple. For the white t-shirt, it is a pocket t-shirt with the logo being in the pocket area and for the purple shirt, I have the logo in the upper left chest area with a small logo placed underneath the log in the year “2022” for the last two t-shits I have a front and back displayed. For the front of the t-shirt, it is blank but on the back area it has a big logo placed in the upper back area with text underneath it reading “Summer 2022”

Face Mask #5


For my third assignment in my internship, I was assigned to design a face mask using the company’s logo  I went with 7 different designs. The first thing I did was to look for mockup files and download them. In my first three designs I used a cloth material face mask, I also used the company’s colors and I placed the company’s logo towards the upper right side of the face mask. For my next designs, I used a wide cloth face mask, I kept these next two designs minimal one of them was a black face mask with the logo being on the lower right side of the mask, and for the second one, I used a beige color. Using these two colors really made the logo the focal point. In my last two designs, I designed two surgical masks with two different colors and two different color bands. For this assignment I used photoshop. Being able to do this assignment brushed up my photoshop skills

Working From Home #4

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My internship is remote so it allows me to work from the comfort of my home. I have control of what I design and I think that is very helpful I only check-in if I have any questions or a day or two before the assignment is due to ask for feedback. Typically my workday ranges anywhere from four to six hours every day so far I have designed two newsletters using two articles provided by my supervisor each with unique designs using InDesign.  Having one week to complete each newsletter was more than enough time to think of an idea and finish it. The most challenging part of designing a newsletter for me was keeping the design short to 1-2 pages.


My Responsibilities;Projects #3


So far I have been keeping track of how many hours I have been working on the project(s) assigned to me, so far  I have been working on designing newsletters. I must be aware of the deadlines given for each assignment as well as be aware of reaching out to my supervisor for feedback. Once I have thought of the design or layout I want to do for the project I always double-check before I submit for a revision from my supervisor.  Designing newsletters so far has allowed me to brush up on my InDesign skills as well as my communication skills by using Rock a platform where I can submit my work to my supervisor.

Ethics Assignment

Entry 1

A.On the very first day, I started with Unity for Equality my supervisor provided me with the company’s logo as well as their color scheme in case I ever needed to use it on a specific project but as of now, I haven’t had to. In terms of image use, I wasn’t told any specifics but just in case I use Unsplash so that I don’t have to worry about copyright.

B. Unity for Equality does not require confidentiality or a non-disclosure agreement for their internship site and how they have handled that with regard to their internship journal for this class.

Entry 2

A. I have used other creative work such as photography and video the way I will give credit is by putting the name down next to the photo or video as well as a link to where I got it somewhere on the page or on a citation page.

B. Shephard Fairey is a professional and as a professional, he should have known better not to use the photograph or if he intended to use then he should have gotten clearance from who he needed to. What made it even worse for him is that he knew he was wrong and choose to destroy the evidence.

If you know that you might use someone else’s work on top of your work you must contact that person or at the very least credit the person in your work so you avoid problems such as lawsuits and having to pay monetary damages




About Organization -#2

Week One at Internship 


After several emails and some paperwork, I was finally part of an organization, what I found interesting is the fact that the design team supervisor is a fellow city tech student who also participated in the internship program. In week one I received details about the company as well as the logo and color scheme that the company used. My first assignment was to design a newsletter for an article that was already written. I took into account previous newsletters that Unity for Equality has published for inspiration. 

The newsletter was to be 1-2 pages and I had the liberty to design it in any way I wanted but it had to be A4 size.  I first started by reading the article so that I can determine what type of pictures I had to choose to include in the newsletter. I proceeded to work on the newsletter so that I can have the chance to submit it for review before the final deadline. Some of the feedback I received was separate certain text and check over spelling.


Unity For Equality

Obtaining an Internship – #1

During week one of the Internship course, I was still waiting and applying for internships. I had started to apply to internships throughout the spring semester but I would not get any replies I did get one from Brooklyn Navy Yard but it did not end up not working out as I hope. It was a very stressful situation to be in;  not being an intern when the internship class was about to start.

On the first day of class, I spoke to my professor and told her my situation and with her help, I was able to speak to three different people organizations. My professor put me in direct contact with the founder of the nonprofit organizer. I and the founder had an interview over the phone where we discussed my role and to who I would be reporting. In order to complete my application for the organization, I emailed  my portfolio, resume, and headshot picture along with the school’s files so that he can sign 

My supervisor is the one who assigns me my work for the week. We communicate through a platform called rock and it is very helpful because we are able to send files and talk with other members in the department all on one platform if needed.