Hoodie & T-shirt Design #6

Hoodie Image

My last week’s task was to make mockups of hoodies and t-shirts using the organization’s logo. For this task, I only used photoshop; what I enjoyed about this project is that I was given the liberty to design the hoodies and t-shirts in any way I wanted. I decided to make 4 mockups for the hoodies and 4 t-shirts. I kept the designs minimal I wanted the logo to stand out the most. For the first two hoodies, I made them black and grey with the organization’s logo on the left side of the chest area. I made the last two hoodies black with a turquoise color with the logo being in the center of both hoodies

For the T-shirts, I used white, navy blue, black, and taupe purple. For the white t-shirt, it is a pocket t-shirt with the logo being in the pocket area and for the purple shirt, I have the logo in the upper left chest area with a small logo placed underneath the log in the year “2022” for the last two t-shits I have a front and back displayed. For the front of the t-shirt, it is blank but on the back area it has a big logo placed in the upper back area with text underneath it reading “Summer 2022”