About Organization -#2

Week One at Internship 


After several emails and some paperwork, I was finally part of an organization, what I found interesting is the fact that the design team supervisor is a fellow city tech student who also participated in the internship program. In week one I received details about the company as well as the logo and color scheme that the company used. My first assignment was to design a newsletter for an article that was already written. I took into account previous newsletters that Unity for Equality has published for inspiration. 

The newsletter was to be 1-2 pages and I had the liberty to design it in any way I wanted but it had to be A4 size.  I first started by reading the article so that I can determine what type of pictures I had to choose to include in the newsletter. I proceeded to work on the newsletter so that I can have the chance to submit it for review before the final deadline. Some of the feedback I received was separate certain text and check over spelling.


Unity For Equality