Obtaining an Internship – #1

During week one of the Internship course, I was still waiting and applying for internships. I had started to apply to internships throughout the spring semester but I would not get any replies I did get one from Brooklyn Navy Yard but it did not end up not working out as I hope. It was a very stressful situation to be in;  not being an intern when the internship class was about to start.

On the first day of class, I spoke to my professor and told her my situation and with her help, I was able to speak to three different people organizations. My professor put me in direct contact with the founder of the nonprofit organizer. I and the founder had an interview over the phone where we discussed my role and to who I would be reporting. In order to complete my application for the organization, I emailed  my portfolio, resume, and headshot picture along with the school’s files so that he can sign 

My supervisor is the one who assigns me my work for the week. We communicate through a platform called rock and it is very helpful because we are able to send files and talk with other members in the department all on one platform if needed.