Ethics Assignment

Entry 1

A.On the very first day, I started with Unity for Equality my supervisor provided me with the company’s logo as well as their color scheme in case I ever needed to use it on a specific project but as of now, I haven’t had to. In terms of image use, I wasn’t told any specifics but just in case I use Unsplash so that I don’t have to worry about copyright.

B. Unity for Equality does not require confidentiality or a non-disclosure agreement for their internship site and how they have handled that with regard to their internship journal for this class.

Entry 2

A. I have used other creative work such as photography and video the way I will give credit is by putting the name down next to the photo or video as well as a link to where I got it somewhere on the page or on a citation page.

B. Shephard Fairey is a professional and as a professional, he should have known better not to use the photograph or if he intended to use then he should have gotten clearance from who he needed to. What made it even worse for him is that he knew he was wrong and choose to destroy the evidence.

If you know that you might use someone else’s work on top of your work you must contact that person or at the very least credit the person in your work so you avoid problems such as lawsuits and having to pay monetary damages