Face Mask #5


For my third assignment in my internship, I was assigned to design a face mask using the company’s logo  I went with 7 different designs. The first thing I did was to look for mockup files and download them. In my first three designs I used a cloth material face mask, I also used the company’s colors and I placed the company’s logo towards the upper right side of the face mask. For my next designs, I used a wide cloth face mask, I kept these next two designs minimal one of them was a black face mask with the logo being on the lower right side of the mask, and for the second one, I used a beige color. Using these two colors really made the logo the focal point. In my last two designs, I designed two surgical masks with two different colors and two different color bands. For this assignment I used photoshop. Being able to do this assignment brushed up my photoshop skills