Unit 3 Weekly Assignments

Final draft Unit 3 genre

Before I began this project I did some research on what type of genre was used for my topic related topics while taking into consideration  the accessibility and the time consumption of it , the topic being  the importance of social media and online retail today which I did a research on and find out that was really effective in a business growth and how more businesses need to use this method or includes method in their marketing plans as it is is a easier cheaper and efficient way than other marketing methods

The reason why I chose this topic and genre is due to my interest in business as social media has grown immensely these past few years and I believe it’s important to communicate that with businesses and upcoming entrepreneurs that aren’t aware of how much of an impact online retailing / social media has in the successfulness of a company specially today or  business owners that are struggling  to further success . Also I did a lot of research on the best way to communicate information to business, looked at some examples and find the most convenient way was by e-booklet or brochure as most business owners don’t have lot of time and they need something quick ,easy specially since this is a idea thats being presented to them.

For the background of the booklet/Brochure I decided to use simple business related pictures mixed with a bit of digital marketing  and success pictures to relate it to the outcome if the step in the process is followed, I also tried keeping the colors simple that were more on the brighter side to give it off happy and excited energy touch while also keeping simple and professional as this is related to social media and business  and  community’s picture was added on the front page to give off the idea of business connecting with customers and I decided to make a brochure form inside of a booklet as this was the best way I could fit all the information.

The purpose of making this project is to help business to find more efficient not money consuming ways to succeed , I chose to make a booklet/brochure because I felt like is the one that best fits my audience considering that my audience is business owners and entrepreneurs I believe the e-book/brochure would be more convenient to them and less time consuming, this a good way to present my idea as I could use colors, choice of words ,and persuading methods that would keep my audience interested and even convince them to try it out.

Distribution wise I originally thought getting distributed into the stores but then I thought more about it and found that it will be more effective if I sent it to the marketing department as if the idea is validated by the owner is the marketing department that would execute it this is for larger companies , for a smaller companies who do not have marketing department it would be sent straight to them or physically sent to them.

While doing the project I first started looking at examples for some inspiration on how to make it look professional, what colors should I use . My original idea was a brochure but I started seeing booklets and thought out of booklet or brochure form which would be more effective and which one would could contain more information at the same time keeping it simple so I tried both and ended up choosing to do both combined because I was really stressing myself on which one to do as a brochure looked more simple but a booklet looked more informative also I was choosing between which editing apps to use watched some YouTube videos to see which apps are best for this project then ended going with Canva as I’ve used the app before and seems to get the work done.

Now that it’s done the booklet/brochure actually turned out good, I didn’t really do anything different from what  I said before I actually enjoyed putting all together , I would say the only  part that I found a bit long would be writing the information down which is the main reason of this project but I’m more of a creative person, only thing I would change differently it’s given myself more time and spreaded through the week instead of last minute.

My happiest hour of this whole project was definitely doing the booklet/brochure cover and editing it , I also did enjoy doing the research and putting all my ideas together. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to be honest. I wouldn’t mind another college project like this after all I did find some tools and articles that I’ll definitely be using for future projects and making the booklet/brochure helped me better my skills in graphic designing so that’s a bonus.


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