Math Club: How to Lie with Statistics, Or: Why You Should Always Look Twice at Map

This week in the City Tech Math Club:

Title: “How to Lie with Statistics, Or: Why You Should Always Look Twice at Map (see the link below)
Speaker: Melanie Lorek (NYCCT – GC – NYCulture)

Date/Room: Thursday April 21, 2016, 12:45-2pm, Namm N719


Melanie Lorek is a Quantitative Reasoning Fellow at City Tech and a Cultural Policy Research Fellow with the Center for Urban Research at the Graduate Center (CUNY) and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. As a Cultural Policy Research Fellow she’s been mapping and analyzing data on arts education in NYC. Her presentation will demonstrate how city data can be mapped and analyzed and provide insights into some of the challenges of data representation. 

As always, pizza and refreshments will be served at 12:45pm and the presentation will start at 1pm. Feel free to stop by anytime and let interested students know about this event.

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