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Managing Money: How State Budgets are Breaking U.S. Schools (Link to TEDed Lesson) 

Thinking Critically: When to trust experts, and when not to

Approaches to Problem Solving: Working Backwards to Solve Problems

Numbers in the Real World: Actually, the World isn’t flat

Probability: Living with the Odds

What Happens if you Guess? (Link to TEDed Lesson)

Modeling: Visualizing the World’s Twitter Data (Link to TEDed Lesson)

Music and Math

Ways to understand music (Link to TEDed)

Math & Art

Modeling our World: How algorithms shape our world (Link to TEDed Lesson) 


Modeling with Geometry: Euclid’s Puzzling Parallel Postulate (Link to TEDed Lesson)


Mathematics in the Arts: How to take a great picture (Link to TEDed Lesson)


 Mathematics and Politics 

Does your vote count? (Link to TEDed Lesson)





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