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Who we are

City Tech’s QR Fellows are doctoral students from the CUNY Graduate Center trained in the field of critical thinking and quantitative reasoning at the college level.

City Tech’s QR Program coordinator is Prof. Nadia Benakli.

What we do

QR Fellows support faculty in their work to improve students’ QR in the following ways:

  • Course Materials: QR Fellows design QR projects across the disciplines, which enable students to develop their QR skills. (see Sample QR Projects)
  • Course Assessment: QR Fellows work with faculties in developing course assessment and evaluation system.
  • Workshops: QR Fellows run workshops to help students practice QR skills during City Tech’s club hour (Thursdays 1-2pm). Workshop topics include but are not limited to

             MS Excel Basics      Finance: Consumer Math       Logical Reasoning        Geometry                 Measurement                         Statistics

  • Surveys: QR Fellows conduct surveys on MAT1190 and QR workshops; students’ feedback is documented and made available to instructors.

All City Tech faculties are eligible to work with a QR Fellow. Faculties may work one-on-one with a QR fellow to incorporate QR into their curriculum. If you are interested in working with a QR Fellow, please contact the QR program coordinators, Prof. Nadia Benakli (NBenakli@CityTech.Cuny.Edu)


What we do 

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