How some professions use math?

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Accountants assist businesses by working on their taxes and planning for upcoming years. They work with tax codes and forms, use formulas for measuring interest, and spend a considerable amount of energy organizing paperwork.

Agriculturists determine the proper amounts of fertilizers, pesticides, and water to produce bountiful foods. They must be familiar with mixture problems.

Architects design buildings for structural integrity and beauty. They must know how to calculate loads for finding acceptable materials in design.

Biologists study nature to act in concert with it since we are so closely tied to nature. They use proportions to count animals as well as use statistics/probability.

Chefs use quantitative tools to plan schedules, balance costs against value of ingredients, and monitor nutritional value of meals.

Chemists find ways to use chemicals to assist us which entails purifying water, dealing with waste management, researching superconductors, analyzing crime scenes, making food products, …

Computer Programmers create complicated sets of instructions called programs/software to help us use computers to solve problems. They must have strong logic skills.

Engineers (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Material) build products/structures/systems like automobiles, buildings, computers, machines, and planes, to name just a few examples. They cannot escape the frequent use of calculus!

Geologists use mathematical models to find oil and study earthquakes.

Lawyers argue cases using complicated lines of reason. That skill is nurtured by high level math courses. They also spend a lot of time researching cases.

Managers maintain schedules, regulate worker performance, and analyze productivity.

Medical Doctors must understand the dynamic systems of the human body. They research illnesses, carefully administer the proper amounts of medicine, read charts/tables, and organize their workload.

Meteorologists forecast the weather for agriculturists, pilots, vacationers, and those who are marine dependent.

Military Personnel carry out a variety of tasks ranging from aircraft maintenance to following detailed procedures.

Nurses carry out the detailed instructions doctors give them. They adjust intravenous drip rates, take vitals, dispense medicine, and even assist in operations, .

Politicians help solve the social problems of our time by making complicated decisions.

Technicians repair and maintain the technical gadgets we depend on like computers, TV’s, VCR’s, cars, refrigerators, … They are always reading measuring devices, referring to manuals, and diagnosing system problems.

Tradesmen (carpenters, electricians, mechanics, and plumbers) estimate job costs and use technical math skills specific to their field. They deal with slopes, areas, volumes, distances and must have an excellent foundation in math.


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