Hi Class,

Thanks for those really great presentations. I could tell that you all worked hard to fit the class terms and literature to those spaces.


*Please remember to fill out the SETs (Student Evaluation of Teaching) that were sent to your City Tech email.

*All late work/missing work is due on Monday, Dec 14 at midnight. Email me if you have questions.

*The final essay deadline is Dec 14 at midnight (post to OpenLab)


Homework for Wednesday (last class):

*Prep, finish, and post your photos/videos to OpenLab if you still have to present.

*Bring your notes for a final exam review. Also, bring in any questions about your final essay.

[note: the final essay is due Dec 14; the final exam will be posted on Dec 11 and due (emailed to me) on Wednesday, Dec 16]



Prof. Scanlan