Sacred Heart Church at Night
Statue of Mary by Sacred Heart at Night
Catholic Church during the day

The first picture is of my Catholic Church in the neighborhood at night which obviously looks different from what it looks like during day time from what I posted in the Gothic Architecture posts, I couldn’t go in because the doors were permanently closed to the public so I captured photos of what was available for me. Sacred Heart Catholic Church is the name of this Church and I find it Gothic because of the construction of the building and how the atmosphere in the night contributes to why a place of worship seems to be scary when walking rather than being more welcoming and open. The walls are made of grey color stone which is one of the important features in Gothic Architecture. It has pointed arches and columns that emphasize verticality. It has pointed ceilings. The windows are stained glass windows which might be hard to see at night but in the last photo which I took while driving to work you can see the stained glass windows. It’s not the same Church but I thought it will make sense comparing what both churches look like in the day compared to what it looks like at the night. The second picture is a statue of Mary, the mother of Jesus right next to the Church and this is my first time noticing it actually lights up, I guess it was a new upgrade, the environment at night gives you a vibe of just walking by as fast as you can when you are next to the church or the statue because of the unsettling feelings you get from being in that setting. That statue and the fact that it is night time contributes towards Freud’s definition of uncanny whereby you get this frightening feeling of fear and you start getting anxious when you are around this Church at night which is ironic because why should you get that sense of fear around the house of God. The picture shows more horror than terror at night because you get that intense feeling of fear around that setting I know I did why taking these pictures which took me a good 30 seconds and I ran away because I was by myself. The statue also has some Gothic Architecture characteristics, it was built of grey color stone. And the covering around Mary was near close to being pointed. In the last two pictures which are pictures of a random Catholic Church I took why driving, you can see a lot of Gothic Architecture characteristics that it’s made of. The ornate detail, pointed arches, and tracery windows contribute to making this building Gothic, it was built of grey color stone and the windows were stained glass windows. You can also see the tall arched ceiling behind the cross on top. Unlike the first picture, this church seems more welcoming.