One of the rooms inside the house, very dark with little to not light.
A military hut behind the farm house.
A tree next to the farm house, when it was starting to get dark. This tree reminds me of the graphic novel The Fall of the House of Usher.
This is the view of the farm house from the street. During the summer the house is less noticeable, and the house looks more hidden because they are more trees surrounding it. During the winter it starts to look lifeless due to the lack of greenery.

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This is the view of the house from the garden. As you can see the house is on top of a hill which gives me Hill House vibes.

My Gothic space is a farm house near me. This farm house is a museum, it was built in 1784 and restored and donated to the city in 1916. I have always found this house a bit weird, a bit scary especially at night and during the winter. This farm house looks isolated between many tall buildings. I have lived in this neighborhood for many years and never had the interest to enter this house.