Garbage alley way at night

The back of the alley way

My gothic space which is close to me is the very place where people put there garbage. The reason why I chose this as my gothic space was because it had a lot of attributes which we described to be seen as gothic . To start with it has the aspect which define Freud’s definition of the uncanny because it is as stated psychological thing where something thats suppose to be familiar for you gives or brings out unsettling feelings that you knew and can also bring out feelings of fear you didn’t know, and that is exactly what happens wth be and this alley way for the garbage . The reason being that this is a place close to home where I need to go to throw garbage a place I pass by to go home but at night it a mystery to me and gives a eerie feeling when normally a place your familiar with is suppose to give comfort and that made this the perfect example for an uncanny gothic space. To be more specific the things that make the place unsettling are the dried walls which don’t give a sense of clearness the sight of garbage around which can make some people feel almost sick and the feeling of being alone in cramped alley and feeling anything can lurking by the sound the garbage makes with the wind.

The second picture has also is defined by an uncanny but notably Freud’s uncanny but Todorov’s representation of the uncanny which is to help us tell between our uncertainty through the marvelous fantastic and uncanny which can arrive at eerie uncomfortable time. When looking at the back the alley ways the shadows seem to move and nothing can be made out from there and at that point when not feeling settled about if the shadow really move but as you get closer you can see it wasn’t and can finally put it in to the category uncanny which is said to be the supernatural explained and the shadows which are thought to be moving an be explained by the lights.

This alley way reminded me of the novel of the Haunting of Hill House where there where looking for the ghostly dogs. It is said to be seen in the hallway which is narrow just like the alley way and as you keep going there is darkness in front. Also just like the second picture where shadows can be seen too be moving in a sort of way the ghostly dogs aren said to be kinda seen at the end of the hallways off the house. All of those thing contributed to making this place a gothic space where I feel anxiety or uncomfortable to just throw out garbage at night.