This week: members learn to prep files for screen printing!

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Printmaking Club meeting this week!

March 5, N1120  |  12:45 – 2:15pm

General Agenda (12:45-1:15):

Actually, some of this could be taken care of over email with the officers….

  • Signing up the rest of our members
  • Delineating duties
    • Writing constitution
    • Membership fee?
    • Filling out paperwork
    • Filling in the website (making officers admins)
    • Developing first field trip to GSS (poll members)

Printmaking Agenda  (1:15-2:15):

If you are a member:

  • Please bring a small drawing (say 6″ x 8″ at most). We will print these on paper. NO T-SHIRTS, please do not ask.
  • You need to use ink, dark pencil, or thick marker to create this drawing. The line quality needs to be opaque and at least fairly thick, like this drawing by David:


  • Very brief intro to all general methods of fine art printmaking
  • What is screen printing?
    • Equipment
    • Methods

  • Introducing the project: single color screenprints
    • Preparing drawings for making good photo stencil screens
    • Scanning images
    • Editing in Photoshop
    • Saving print quality files

David and I will take your files, create films, then bring in exposed screens and ink for you. You will need to supply your own paper when we print. Please note: if a lot of people sign up, we will have to figure out how to manage the project. 

Location and date for printing to be decided.