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Calling all 1st and 2nd year ADGA Students! Volunteers needed!

Calling ALL 1st and 2nd Year ADGA Students!
Prof. Clarke is conducting research and needs volunteers!

Here is the flyer.

The Project:

Using Printmaking Techniques to Teach Metacognitive Skills to Design Students
Volunteers will come to a 3-hour session and learn cool printmaking techniques while reviewing bedrock skills that could help you with your current work. This research will help shape the development of lessons, syllabi and the AGDA curricula for years to come.

Upcoming Sessions:

Saturday, March 22, 9-12pm, Room N1103 (6 people needed)
Saturday, March 22, 1-4pm, Room N1103 (6 people needed)

If you are interested, please contact Prof. Clarke immediately so she can provide further information to you.

  • All information/work you provide will be confidential.
  • All materials will be provided to you at no cost whatsoever.
  • All terms of the project will be fully explained to you before you sign the consent form.
  • The work produced by the anonymous volunteers will be used in research papers, publications, curriculum development and presentations. NO NAMES OR IDENTIFYING DETAILS WILL EVER BE USED.
  • Photos that are taken will have all faces blocked or edited out in order to protect the identities of all volunteers.

Contact Information:

Professor Sharon E. (Libby) Clarke:, N1126