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Valentine Card Printing


Okay, after the snow storm prevented my getting to school yesterday, I managed to get here this morning with 20 pounds of potatoes in tow. I set up a booth in the Atrium and had quite a few takers! I signed up some prospective new members and just generally gauged the interest students might have for our club. Turns out, quite a bit!


Starting a Club

Here is the page wherein we will find all the information we need.

Students are able to start clubs as long as they have a minimum of 15 people, an advisor and a constitution. I and David Barthold are willing to be advisors, so we just need members, then members who are willing to become officers. From there, we need to fill out some paper work and voila! We are a club!


I am Prof. Libby Clarke, and I am working with some like-minded members of our community to start the City Tech Printmaking Club. We hope to start having events as soon as possible this semester, so be sure to check back and look for flyers.