Upcoming dates for WebWork, Quiz #2, and Homework Teams

The WebWork set Intro to Series is due next Monday night; you should complete it as soon as you can. The next set, Comparison Tests isn’t due until the 23rd but you can get started on it now. Look for questions about the “direct comparison test.” You’ll see the “limit comparison test” in class on Tuesday. Thursday’s class will cover the material on the Alternating Series WebWork set, which is due on the 25th.

Quiz #2 will be given in class next Thursday, February 19. It covers sections 10.1 and 10.2 (sequences and series).

Before class on Tuesday, February 17, the following students will each share their solution from one textbook homework questions from sections 10.2 and/or 10.3 (comparison test)

8am: Izzy, Mohamed A., Mohamed B, and Malang

10am: Tahmeed, Kavion, Amanda, and Atif

Before class on Thursday, February 19, the following students will each share one solution from 10.3 (comparison test and/or limit comparison test)

8am: Joselin, Shade, Bibas, and Federico

10am: Steven, Kevin, Kassem, and Eddie

Finally, before class on the following Tuesday, February 24, the following students will each share one solution from 10.4

8am: Ryan, Jean, Malik, and Syed

10am: Bryan, Khan, Lyndon, and Meet

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