Professor Kate Poirier | D046 | Fall 2023

OpenLab assignment: requirements for your degree

Due September 25

Animated gif of Principal Skinner reading a list of requirements to Lisa Simpson and saying, "Uh-oh, Lisa, it says you have to speak fluent Italian."

In office hours, I’ve had discussions with many of you about which math classes are required for your major. You should know what all of the requirements for your major are, but it might be hard to know where to find this information online.

For this assignment you will learn how to read the CityTech college catalog to determine which math courses are required for your major.

  1. Perform an internet search for “CityTech Academic Catalog.”
  2. One of the first results should be CityTech’s online academic catalog; select the semester that you started at CityTech.
  3. On the left side of that page, under Academics, select that school that your program is part of (Arts & Sciences, Professional Studies, or Technology & Design).
  4. Scroll down until you reach the list of degrees offered by your school. Click on the degree you are currently pursuing or intend to pursue.
  5. Near the top, click on the Degree Requirements tab.
  6. Each program organizes their requirements a little differently (for example, if you are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, you might be guided to click on the corresponding Associate’s degree requirements). Look for all the MAT courses on the degree requirements list.
  7. Some of the required MAT courses will have prerequisites, and you should know what those are too. (Click on the course code of a course to bring up a window showing the course description and prerequisites.) You might like to click on the Sample Course of Study tab near the top to see what order students in your program usually take their classes in.

In a comment on this post, state what your major is and/or what degree you are pursuing, what the highest MAT course requirement is, and which semester you plan to take each math class leading up to the highest MAT course.

Here is an example for a Biomedical Informatics student:

I am pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Informatics. I am required to take MAT 1475 (Calculus I). The prerequisite for MAT 1475 is MAT 1375 (Precalculus). Since I am taking MAT 1275 now, I plan to take MAT 1375 in Spring 2024 so I can take MAT 1475 in Fall 2024. I am also required to take a statistics class, either MAT 1372 or MAT 2572. Since MAT 2572 has a prerequisite of MAT 1575 (Calculus II) and I am not required to take that course, I plan to take MAT 1372 instead. MAT 1372 (Statistics with Probability) has a pre- or co-requisite of MAT 1375, so I will plan to take MAT 1372 at the same time as I take MAT 1375 in Spring 2024.

Some programs (particularly health sciences programs) do not require you to take too many math courses, but they do require a certain grade in your math course or a certain GPA as part of your application to the program. If your program requires a certain grade or GPA, include that in your comment as well. That information should be somewhere on the program page in the academic catalog.


  1. Allison

    I am pursing the Bachelor of Architecture in Architectural technology. I am required to only take one math course, which is the math course I am currently taking (MAT1275). I also checked if there were any classes that needed my GPA, but as far as I can see no classes need it. Since I’m doing Architecture, it has a lot to do with measuring. Because of that I thought that I would have to take multiple math clases. But I have been proved wrong.

  2. Issac

    I am pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture (BTech). I am only required to take one MAT course, which is this class (MAT1275). It is confusing and a shame at the same time, because I feel like I need to learn more about math based on how people talk about the relationship between Math and Architecture. I understand that Architecture as a career doesn’t require a lot of math, but as far as I know Geometry, Algebra and Trigonometry are crucial for it. Math is very important in this career, especially the understanding of angles. I would’ve liked to have more math courses so it could be beneficial for me as a future Professional Architect.

  3. Thomas Plunkett

    I am pursuing a 2 year AAS in Architectural Technology, and then a 4 year btech. The only requirement is this class, math 1275. However, architecture requires a lot of math, so I’m considering taking more math classes. I’m not sure if that means continuing down the calculus tract or moving more into advanced geometry or algebra, I have to look into it.

  4. Julia Khutsishvili

    At City Tech I am pursuing associate in marketing management and the requirements to that is to take MAT 1190 and everything else is related more into marketting ,classes like accounting, microeconomics and even public speaking course. – Julia K

  5. ali choudhary

    I am majoring in computer systems as 2 year degree. Although i might change it to a bachelor degree . I need mat 1375 pre calculus .

  6. lily padilla

    I am pursing a 2 year AAS in Radiologic Technology. The only required math class is this class, MAT 1275 which I need to pass with a C or higher.

  7. Mohsin Ali

    I am pursuing Bachelor Of Technology Degree In COMPUTER SYSTEMS. I am required to take MAT 1375 (Calculus I). The prerequisite or corequisite for MAT 1375 is MAT 1275 (Precalculus). Since I am taking MAT 1275 now, I plan to take MAT 1375 in Spring 2024, which I need to pass with a C or higher.

  8. Rebeca Philias

    My major is dental hygiene. Math 1275 is the only required math that I need. I will pass this class with C or higher

  9. Omar Abaza

    I’m pursuing AAS in mechanical engineering tech. My math requirements in 1575 or higher.

  10. Pavlo Havryshko

    For architecture bachelors degree I need algebra 1275 and I thought that you need more classes because in architecture you need a lot of measuring

  11. saleh qasem

    I am pursuing an associate degree in mechanical engineering technology. I need to take MAT 1475. The prerequisite of MAT 1475 is MAT 1375. right now I am taking 1275. next semester (spring 2024) I will take MAT 1375. Then in fall 2024, I will take MAT 1475.

  12. Emmanuel

    I am pursuing a degree in Construction Management & Civil Engineering Technology. My math requirements go up to math 1575. So, I have more math classes.

  13. Tais Martinez

    I am pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I have to take the following math courses as a prerequisite: MAT 1275 (Algebra and Trigonometry) and MAT 1375 (Precalculus). I am required to take MAT 1475 (Calculus 1), MAT 1575 (Calculus 2), and lastly MAT 2680 (Differential Equations). I would think that there’s more math courses required for this particular degree but going through the degree requirements, it seems like physics courses are the ones that are more needed.

  14. Jose Batista

    I am studying for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The requirement is MAT 2680(differental equation) I also have to take the following math courses. MAT 1275 (Algebra and Trigonometry) and MAT 1375 (Precalculus) MAT 1475 (Calculus 1), MAT 1575 (Calculus 2), 

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