Virtual Museum Exhibit

I visited the poster house house museum on Nov 18 to see the YOU WONT BLEED ME exhibition. there were lot of cool movie posters in the exhibition. These retro posters were used to illustrate much more than the movie itself. It was used to show black men and women in different light. They were creating a whole new representation for themselves. You can see in the posters how the black actors and actresses are showed to be dominant, strong, heroic and cool. One of the favorite poster was called the black gestapo (1975) designed by Ken Barr. I just loved the design and the bright vibrant colors and the hierarchy. It easy to spot out who’s the main character. Another poster that I liked was called the COFFY (1973) which is designed by George Akimoto. I like this poster because the new representation movement wasn’t only focused on black men but women as well. In the poster the black women is shown as sexy, badass and powerful. I like the design as well, mostly the overlapping characters and how the types are placed.