2nd Journal

This week we had a chapter meeting and internship workshop on September 22nd. we had some new students at the meeting as well. We discussed a lot of things. We had few events that were coming up soon like voter registration day and gasfreenyc rally at City hall. We were also given assignment to reach out to 5 of our professor so someone from NYPIRG can join their class for few minutes to talk about voter registration and how to vote virtually. We had to decide what campaign we wanted to work on and attend the meeting. I chose the Straphanger campaign which is basically focusing to improve the mass transit system of New York City. In the meeting I got to meet lot of students who were from different school also a part of NYPIRG. We discussed when the campaign will officially kick off and different problems that we’ll be focusing to improve. On September 23, I joined the gasfreenyc rally at city hall which started at 12pm. The goal of the rally is to pass INTRO 2317 bill to electrify all new buildings in NYC and get off fossil fuels which is one of the cause of the climate crisis.