1st Journal

I recently started my internship with NYPIRG. I reached out to Jonathan Gaffney who is a project coordinator regarding the internship and he got back to me pretty quick and we set a time for interview. After the interview I got internship. After few days we had a meeting over the phone basically talking about what the organization was about and different kinds of issues they focus on and what will be my duties and responsibilities as an intern. Jonathan sent me the intern materials over the email which I had to read and go over thoroughly. We had another meeting after that where I got chance to meet other interns as well who were from different major. We discussed about the intern material and different projects that we will be focusing during this fall.

NYPIRG is a non profit, research and public education organization founded in 1976. They research on important issues, produce studies, engages New Yorkers in public education campaigns that focuses on public health, environment, voting, and other policies.