8th Journal

This week in our chapter meeting we discussed more about the events we could plan and do in the campus. it could be on any issues that we are interested in. we were also told that we might be doing an event with the student government in coming weeks. we had tenants rights workshop later this week so we also thought of ways to bring more people to the event.  later after chapter meeting couple of us(interns)met with our project coordinator throughout zoom and we started reaching out to people through the phone bank. we made calls and texts for couple of hours. this was definitely my first experience. I was little nervous in the beginning but our project coordinator had provided us with a short script so that made it a lot easier. On the tenants rights workshop we had two guests speakers from Brooklyn tenants council, lary and Jonathan. they provided us very useful information about tenants rights and  what could we do when we face different issues with the landlord. our participants were able to asked them questions. lary and Jonathan shared their contact info with us and told us to reach out them if we or our friends and family have any issues.