7th Journal

This week in our chapter meeting we talked about the events that were being hosted by NYPIRG. On 10/29 we had the fall student empowerment conference and next week on nov 4th we had the tenants rights workshop with the Brooklyn tenants council Inc. We also tried to get in touch with different clubs in city tech to built coalition for this event. On straphangers campaign meeting we discussed about the petition release. we had more than 2000 petition signed in such a brief time so it was big accomplishment for all of us. the petition was being released the next day so we discussed how it was gonna go down. We had a big conference on 10/29. we had Rep. Jamaal Bowman join us. we had 4 panels in this conference dedicated to different topics and issues. Each panel had breakouts rooms after the  formal conference and students were allowed to discuss about the related topic.