If I had to write a letter to any future students that enroll in a creative writing class at city tech, first off hope that any of the classes aren’t filled immediately. Second off make sure you put in the effort for every assignment given to you. It feel rewarding especially when expanding your writing skills from your own thoughts. If you’re working in groups, make sure your work is priority number one, you won’t know how much effort the others will have if you’re paired with them. So think about yourself, your work and what the professor wants over anything. Finally, just have fun. It’s a really good class if once you learn the things the professor tells on on a weekly basis along with if you have a knack for writing like myself. I should’ve done this course years back but it’s better late than never. I’m in a professional and technical writing major so having a breath of fresh air in my assignment that were done this semester were fantastic and fulfilling. Hopefully you feel the same if you choose to enroll in a creative writing class in the upcoming semester. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it and learn something new along the way.