In the beginning of the semester, I started of pretty decent in writing, because I already had some experience in writing from my previous English classes. I was looking forward to learning new things about writing, and how I can take that to the next level. Since, this is a creative writing class, I knew I had to get creative with my writing and use that to that to the best of my ability. Out of all the other general course I chose this class, because I wanted to improve my writing and how I can use the writing skills I already know for not just this class, but also for my other classes. I also can use whatever writing skills I learn from this class and use that for my future classes.

Through the semester, I enjoyed writing memoirs, short stories, poems, and I even liked reading my classmates stories. Doing peer reviews has helped me improve my writing from the beginning of the semester till now. Getting feedbacks from my peers has taught me what I should do and what I can do to make my writing even better. As I was going over all of my assignment, I came to the conclusion that writing memoirs and short stories was my favorite, because I got to write about myself and being able to write about the time that changed me as person in a positive way, was an amazing feeling. I also enjoyed writing fictional stories with dialogues based on the picture that we used for short story two. As least favorite goes, I would say poems, because it took me a while to thing of how I want format my poems and I personally believe I could’ve made it a little bit better than what I originally came up with. Besides that I still enjoyed writing poems for this class.

After reading over the memoirs, short stories, poems, and etc. I say my best piece from those assignments is memoir two, because I got to write about the time I visited my home country Bangladesh, after ten years. This was was a special moment for me and it was something I’m never going to forget. Even though that was my best piece, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like my other writing assignments. There’s not a single one assignment, that I didn’t enjoy writing about. As the semester came to a close, I can say that I’m proud of myself for learning to be creative with my writing.

Towards the beginning of the semester, it was quite challenging for me to write short stories, memoirs and etc, because at first I didn’t know how to get creative with my writing and I didn’t know the meaning of memoir, but now I know. When I first enrolled for this class, I already knew that this class is going to consist of a lot of writing and also reading. So, I was already expecting to write a lot and I’m glad I chose this class for the semester. As a writer for this semester, I learned to be creative, and before I didn’t know I had the creativeness inside of me, but this creative writing class has helped me bring out my creativeness and has helped me improve my writing.

This semester, I learned to express myself through writing, and use the knowledge of writing I learned for this class and take it with me to the next chapter of my career. Whatever writing skills I learned for this class, I can use that for my future classes or even for my future career. A notable lesson I took from all my writings for this class is that expressing yourself is key and don’t be hesitant to try new things.