Dear Future Students,

Welcome to Eng1141 and I hope you enjoy your experience. The class is pretty interesting even if you don’t like writing. Since you aren’t forced to write a certain way the hold time. So basically you’re allowed to let your creativity flow. At first, you don’t need to be that creative because we start off the semester with memoirs. While we are doing memoirs we have to just talk about past events. Which shouldn’t be too hard even if you don’t like to write. After that, we began working on short stores, and those required you to be more creative. At first, I struggled with this because I wasn’t sure how to give the story life. But in this class, we do peer feedback, and this is a great help. Peer feedback can help you during the times you’re stuck. Finally, at the end of the semester, we began working on poems. These were pretty fun to do because we weren’t forced to write the poems in a particular way. So you’ll probably have an easy time even if you hate poetry. Hopefully, you have a good time in this class.