Prof. Jessica Penner | D304 | Spring 2022

James Vegas, Short Story 2 (Revised With Dialogue)

It was morning time, and Cindy had awoken to her alarm clock on her phone. She set the time for 9:30am the evening prior to begin the new week ahead of her. As she got out of bed, she went to her kitchen to make some Coffee, while grabbing a banana from the counter. After consuming both the coffee and the banana in short order, Cindy started up her PC to start her online class for 10:00, which was a calculus class she’s currently taking for college. Ever since the pandemic forced all in classroom learning to go online, Cindy and the majority of people worldwide had no choice but to stay indoors, unless if they needed essential items or had essential jobs. However, with all these world turning events, the entirety of humanity and all life on earth had one glaring circumstance. “Looks like there’s still no sunlight in the sky… it’s almost 10am…” Cindy talked to herself as she opened her window to view the dark starry skies above. The sun hasn’t risen since the first day of the new year. Every day of every hour was pure darkness. Mornings were now night time, the only difference people can tell on the time of day is if the moon would appear in the sky for a certain period of time. This wasn’t a geographic issue, but a worldwide issue. Many of the animals and plants that inhabit all over the world were dying. Humanity wasn’t getting the essential vitamin D from the sun to their skin. As days went by, the earth was slowly dying. Did the sun disappear in a blink of an eye? It would seem so as scientists discovered weeks later that the earth was a hundred times farther away from the sun than where they were in the solar system. They linked it to the virus that was affecting the people, as the more got infected, the farther away the planet went. Nevertheless, each day was cold and lifeless. However, people had to jobs to do, have their education taught and live live for as long as they can in this new normal. Cindy was one of those people that had to deal with this new life. She didn’t want to live like this anymore, dealing with two major problems at once. “Will this ever end? Will I ever see the sun again? Will this disease stay with us forever? I just want all of this to be over!” Cindy vented her frustration to herself.Almost a year passed and so much has happened not only to her but everyone just like her all over the planet. Once she did her usual daily activities of college class time online, eating the scare food from cans a few times a day and lounging around her bed watching shows on HBO max, she settled in for the night and went to bed. She didn’t know what time of the day it was, not like it mattered. Cindy pondered how many living things have died over the course of this year from no sunlight and this new virus combined. She was lucky to be alive after the year has passed. However, a full year has passed once the next day rolled around. As she woke up from her sleep, there was a bright light that filled up her room. “We have breaking news this just in to our news station, the sun has mysteriously reappeared in our center of vision, scientists have discovered the re-emergence of the sun around 7:30am Japanese Standard Time. Scientists have no clue what may have occurred, but this is still an ongoing investigation. Nevertheless, light is back in the sky and a new beginning is upon us.” The news anchors say in excitement yet uncertainty. Cindy looked outside her window to see the bright object in the sky she hasn’t seen in about a year. “Finally…it’s back!” She said quietly with a slight grin on her face.


  1. Rabbi

    I liked the story because it was very simple but relatable to our life.
    Dialogue in the end of story was full of excitement.
    Is there any way you can write the dialogue separately?

  2. Parmanand Sankar

    I found your story pretty interesting and liked how you placed a spin on the pandemic. For the dialogue I liked how you just didn’t include Cindy but the background noise as well. Something you could add is what else changed cause of the planet moving away.

  3. Aninda Das

    The story is very intersting and for the dialogue it sounds like a real story and sounds realistic but for future references seperate the dialouge from the whole story sounds excellent but can you expand more on the sun as well

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