Writing short stories did evoke my senses to not only tell a story but to create one using elements, bits and pieces of many fairy tales, stories, movies, novels and TV shows that I watched while growing up.

One challenge I faced while writing story 1 is that it had to have the same element of arguments, dialogue and conflict as journal 4. So since I had already written Journal 4 a week before starting story 1, I honestly faced some setbacks because I wanted to create a story that would resemble that experience.

Since the professor said it can be fictional, I thought it was going to be easy for me to write. But considering my journal and how I talked about some challenges that I faced in my family I didn’t want to create any story with a family conflict or one’s relationship with family.

Then I remembered one of my good friends I use to train with at our boxing gym who really struggled with his family and whose father had cancer and couldn’t work so he had to give up boxing. I decided to dub his story into my fictional story while changing the setting, names, and added more details but the struggle remained the same. My Cohort members had positive reactions to the story and liked it but I kinda feel guilt not giving credit to my good friend. The last time I checked on him he’s doing well and helping his family I thought I shouldn’t continue to use his story. I really do enjoy writing short stories but without Limitations or conditions. I really did exceed in writing my second short story and I had much better responses from those who read it. I look forward to writing short stories on my free time as well.