Me: You don’t seem to care anymore, the shit you do isn’t very friendlike—

Them: Well I can’t always talk to you everyday I got a life too

Me: So cutting me off, ignoring me and treating me like shit while we are in calls is all cool now? Thought we were supposed to be chill

Them: We go over this all the time why dont you believe me when I say I want to talk to you still?

Me: Because actions speak louder than words do. You don’t seem to go out of your way for me when I do the same for you. I put in effort just for it all to just get spat on my face.
Them: I have other friends too- we can always hang out and stuff but I need a break-

Me: I gave you space and I gave you time, but you dont seem to give me anything in return as a friend. Which is why I say you dont seem to care.

Them: I’m always here if you want to talk. I want to talk to you still.
Me: Yeah you have one hell of a way of showing it then.

Them: I’m not trying to deal with this now-