Poem 1 These several months has been very much harder than ever for myself and my family. Especially the situation with my mother it makes my life hard she has to attend the hospital a lot because of small dots found in her brain and a tumor. This affected me because there were so many days, she left home at night to the hospital and I couldn’t have gone with her to visit for several days. She was left in the hospital alone. This alone thought me how to survive by myself and make good choices every minute because it affects us in every way. My father had to stop work to support her for a couple days. From the beginning when she was in the hospital cooking and finding a stable amount of food was difficult. I had to eat the food of other people which didn’t taste as good as that of my mother hand when she put it to the pans and made the food.   

Poem 2  

The feeling of your mind is always top priority in life  

It’s the peace in your inner self which opens the opportunity to a better day  

Every day is another day to bring ourselves to happiness in any way we can 

Sometimes Oppurtunite’s and other things in life are rare but we have the Almighty to pray upon he brings us closer to peace. 

It’s always about the peace of mind inside when we stay free it’s the greatest wealth a man can have.  

Poem 3  

A man’s mother is the most influential person in their life and career  

Her words never are meant to be forgotten 

It’s her who always bring out the truths both good and bad despite the situation  

Her love is the most love a man can ever get since the day he was introduced to this Duniya 

The taste we acquire from her spoon lives with us for the rest of our lives our taste from the food she cooks always lives with the man