John and Cathy, who are now very close friends, did not even know each other a few years back. They are in college together right now. They met each other when they were first-year students. They spend most of the time together now. They are graduating in the same major, so they are also taking the same class as well. They help each other with their study work. John is working in a local restaurant because he lives by himself. On the other hand, Cathy is living with her parents and her family is also in a good position so she did not care about earning money that much or we can say it was not her priority. But she was doing an internship in her college.  

Now you might be thinking why I am writing about two people’s work or what their relationship is. Well, everything was like that until they graduated. Cathy, who was doing a internship earlier in her college, got a job very early after finishing her graduation. Which seems to be very accurate since she has her experience in that field. The only problem begins when Cathy must move to a different city because of her job. John felt alone when Cathy moved out. John did not express his feelings about the situation. Cathy never able to read John feelings. After a while Cathy and John started to feel the distance. In that time John also got himself in a job but he was not into it because in his mind he was thinking to move in the same city as Cathy. They used to talk but not the same way when they were in college. After a while Cathy also started to feel differently about John. She stopped sharing things with John. Although John was trying to make things work between them, it never worked. John remains silent about his feelings. In his mind he was wondering if it was the end of their friendship? Why is he feeling about her in that way if she is only his friend? John started thinking about it. He was lost without Cathy being around him. He realized his feelings were beyond friendship for Cathy. So, he decided to meet Cathy. But they did not talk to each other for a while. But still he decided to go there to meet her. He knew her address. So he went there. 

John is in front of Cathy’s house. He is nervous. But somehow, he gathered himself for the moment. As soon as he knocked Cathy’s door a man came from the back. And said, “hey man.” John asked the man who is he? The man replied he is Cathy’s boyfriend, and he is here to meet her. John was shocked after hearing it. He left the place at that very moment with the flowers that he bought for Cathy.