When I first got mt ring it meant the world to me. It was a gift that I will never take it off and it’s the way how we show love. This ring got its meaning when the day my partner gave me as a symbol of our love. As time has pass the rig grow and grow it’s meaning. It’s been two years and every time I look at it the more, I remember the first day I got it. I remember we were at this place to taste wine during the summer, and he told me how much he loves me and how our lives are perfect since we meet and just like in the movies grab my hand and ask if I will take the ring as a symbol of our love and future love.

When I first saw the ring, it looked amazing, beautiful how it shines in the sun. I couldn’t stop smiling and all I wanted to do is keep it safe with and remember how our love is so strong. When he gave me the ring it was just us alone in a wine tasting in Miami. The ring is gold with a small diamond shape in the center and two black stones next to the diamond. In my ring finger it feels perfect it looks beautiful every time it shines under the sun. I feel that it’s a peace of me and him. This ring says that I’m very much committed to this relationship, and I couldn’t be happier being his partner.

The best reward of me owing this ring is that I feel so lucky to have it and be remember how it has a very important value to me and it’s always in my finger, never to be taking it off. In conclusion if I have to give it to someone will be my partner because the one person who should have it and tell him how much I admire the ring and it’s one of the many things I love about him.