“Listen to me very carefully Nicole, you can’t wear high waisted pants that are tight over your belly button because it can irritate and cause an infected belly piercing, we don’t want that now. . .” Sharp needle piercing through my skin, eyes wrinkled all tightened but it was over within seconds. I look down at my belly button now with a shiny piece of jewelry. At first I was cringed out but that feeling went away once I realized how cute it looks.

I had been wanting a belly piercing for a good minute. I was always looking up inspo on the different types of jewelry out there made for belly piercings and instantly fell in love. Since summer was approaching it would be perfect to get one because I’m gonna be able to show it off when wearing cute outfits.

On a random Wednesday my cousin and I decided to go out and get our piercings done together. Both of us had been wanting it and she had gotten paid so there was nothing holding us back now. Honestly we didn’t do much research on the piercing which news flash ALWAYS DO RESEARCH. Although a piercing may not seem like anything significant, things can always go wrong if not taken care of properly or if it’s done incorrectly. Make sure the piercer knows what they’re doing and has a clean work environment.

Boarding the 7 train towards flushing I was feeling excited and a bit anxious. I was nervous about the pain. I thought to myself “hey, you’ve gone through worse pain so this should be a piece of cake.” The piercing parlor place didn’t open till 1 and we got to the area around 11 so my cousin and I had time to kill. I knew the area we were around pretty well. I suggested we go to this cute all pink boba area where we can hangout and kill time. Once it hit around 12:50 we decided it was time to leave and head to the parlor. Once again I wasn’t really processing that we were gonna have a needle shoved through our navel. We entered the store and there it was. There was a case on display, showing all the different belly jewelry the store had to offer. Once my eyes met with it, reality kicked in. The piercer asked us what we wanted to get done and of course we both responded “belly piercing.” My cousin goes first, entering the back area of the store. I’m able to see her get it done. He cleans the area first then uses a marker in order to know where exactly to pierce and not make any mistakes. Clamps the area to keep it still. Get a long needle with a sharp tip and within a few seconds there’s a needle going into your skin. Within the span of 5 seconds it’s over. Quick and fast. Immediately I ask my cousin if it hurts, she shakes her head and I’m relieved to hear that. Now it’s my turn. I was nervous but ready. He goes on to explain the healing time, how to clean it , and what not to do during the healing period. Let me just say it’s a lot of work. You really have to be on top of the cleaning or else it can get infected very easily. He cleans the area where he’s gonna peirce first then once again gets a marker to mark where he’ll place the piercing and clamps it. Next thing I know I feel a sharp needle breaking through my skin and lets just say my cousin was wrong. I felt every bit of it. I could feel him push the needle in really hard. I would say that’s the worst part. When getting the needle inserted it really hurts but once it’s in and he puts the jewelry it doesn’t hurt. Luckily it was over in a matter of seconds.

The first few days are uncomfortable. You can feel that there’s something in your skin and it stings a bit obviously. It’s also hard to sit and move around because any little wrong move could hurt you and also you’re told to make sure you dont hit it, touch it, move it or have it enclosed at all. There must be air flow to the piercing in order for it to heal properly and not get infected. The first two weeks are uncomfortable and for me I was scared of making any wrong moves that could jeopardize it. After the three weeks though you get used to it. I don’t regret getting my piercing. I love it all the way. The only thing I wish I had done differently was to do research on it.