Ever since the pandemic started our family has been going through some constant crisis on the daily. After the coronavirus started things got really messy in our house. My father had a diabetes issue and covid-19 in the body system. From the time one laid the head on that bed it was hard to get up. That man lost the hunger within the soul and couldn’t eat for several days. These couple days my mom did a lot of religious practices and prayed to God every day. The woman shredded so many tears from eyes and reminded my father that we still have a son which is me alone. Every day mom would make food and give it to my father so the illness can leave. During that time, I felt the fear inside my heart. Because this was my father, this was the man who sacrificed everything for the health and well-being for my mother and me. After several weeks my father finally felt better and was able to speak normally with me and my mom. After a year and a half my mother began facing complications my mother fell on the staircase of our house. From there on mom would usually vomit all her food in the junk. After couple days there was so much problem in the abdominal pain which was a very reoccurring issue from several months and that impacts the back too now. The next day after my mother was taken to the hospital at night. What really hurt me and my father was the fact that either of us were not allowed to go in with her. We had to wait for two days to pass by for my father to go in. After speaking to the doctor, they said that there was lung cancer present in the   body. And little dots which is believed to be a tumor. Everyday my father would visit to give food to mother was then released after two weeks. After that I finally saw my mother face to face and cried was at home for three weeks and couldn’t cook. My father had to cook and make food and I had to help along.   Medicine had to be given on the daily after eating. Then for the last two weeks my mother was admitted to the hospital bed again. This time Salin was given and all-important shots in the hand. During this time, we also faced challenges with Medicaid and healthcare. The healthcare needed to be changed I had to work together with my father to find the best health care. Every day I went to visit my mother in the hospital to give her food and talk.