Being able to attend college has been a different experience compared to what it was like growing up and going through middle and high school. Starting my college life in August of 2018, I chose my major to be architecture and we would always be drawing and making models depending on the topic we were presented with. This particular topic was “light and dark” and to sum it up we had to make a model that would somehow bring in light to an enclosed area without making things too obvious and just making a hole. For once I was stumped and needed some kind of inspiration and I continuously told my friends I was struggling which led to confused thoughts and wasted time. When my friends saw how anxious I was they decided to show me an infamous spot that they use if they ever need to release any thoughts or need time to themselves. The voorhees building has a roof that most can access although you shouldn’t see how it’s against the rules, but no one ever checked so there was never any consequences to going up there. That roof shows you the entire city and the bridge leading to it, at the time it was 7 in the afternoon which meant it was dark out and the city lit up. You could sit on the railing and admire the view as the entire world seemed to just stop, every thought that was running through my head at once had gone quiet and I felt peaceful. As I gazed at the stars and the skyscrapers I realized just how certain areas like parks or smaller builders would get light into their shops. Some had interesting concepts like a roof that can open up, at that point the lightbulb lit up in my mind and it was time to get to work. I made a model with certain retractable parts besides the roof, as I 3D printed it I started cutting away at certain pieces to make sure the walls could open up like I wanted them to. When it came down to the presentation, I was asked where I had found the inspiration to make such a model, in which I responded “the city is full of mysteries”. He ended up giving me a good critique and for a project that I was first unsure of I ended up getting an A as my grade and trust me when I say I had the biggest smile on my face. To this day I still tend to visit the roof, since everyone is online I have the time to admire it by myself without anyone asking me any kind of questions.