I am not born here. I came from Bangladesh in 2019. I finished my 12th grade over there and as soon as I finished there I came to this city. My father used to live here before I came here. So he wanted me to move here as well. It wasn’t a easy decision for me. Since I grew up in Bangladesh I had to leave everything behind. When he asked me to move here at first I wasn’t sure. But then it took me sometime to make my mind. Leaving my comfort zone was really hard. But anyway I decided to come here for a better life and to live with my father. I remember saying goodbye to my friends. My elder sister lives in Bangladesh still. She is married so didn’t move here. She and her husband came to the airport to say goodbye. Now I am writing this I am thinking about those times and how hard was it. 

I was never on a international flight before. So it was first time as well and I was alone too. My father wasn’t sure if I could make it alone. But in the end I did it. I landed at JFK airport. It was summer that time. The sun was shining and I still remember I could sense the difference of weather here and back in Bangladesh. My father came to pick me up from the airport. It was a good journey I would say. Came home with my father and my other family members were waiting for me. Everyone welcomed me. Asked me about the flight. And that was it. 

A new city. New people around me. New language although in Bangladesh English is the second language but still it is not same. I wasn’t having a good time first few days. Because of the time change I used to woke up so early in the morning. I used to feel annoying. I used to spent my morning in-front of the window. It was summer so my father used to tell me to go outside and walk around. But honestly speaking I am more of a person who likes to stay home. I didn’t have any friends here so I didn’t bother to deny him stay home. Because I felt much better in that way. I went out with my father after few days to buy a new phone. Because I used to use a old model. So when I was in Bangladesh I made him promise me that as soon I come here he will buy me a new phone. So he kept his promise and we went to best buy. My father is a best buy fan. Any electronics item need at home my father is like let’s go to best buy. But I didn’t know what is best buy at that time. We went there with him. After that he asked me if I wanted to Times Square. I said yes. We were in the station and he was telling me how metro works and how to pay for the metro. What to look for in the station. I was in Times Square. It was summer and it was full of tourists. People hanging around. We took some pictures and stayed there for sometime. Later we came back home. 

I was late so I didn’t able to applied for the fall semester that year. When I get to know that I decided to start doing something in this time. First few days I was alone so I went out by myself to see around. I walked around my house. Looked for what I have around my house. I found prospect park when I was walking around. When I came home I told my father about it. He told me about some other places I could go if I want to. Now that time passed I can say I much more comfortable here and quite familiar with everything here. I explored new places and I hope I will learn more.