There used to be a time when I used to be a quiet nerd. Now I am a person who is talkative to be honest and much confident than I used to be at a time. I now believe that the personality a person has is very much related to the kinds of people that the person hangs out with in their teens. For me, this transformation started when my best friend Rehman made a new friend Aun. He had just moved to my town. All three of us hung out on new years 2016 and we have been great friends ever since. Aun was in the biology course while me and Rehman were in the Computer Science course. We ended up bunking a few classes together for the rest of the school year. Then through Aun we became friends with Ahmed who we had known for like a year but never really became friends with him. This is where the original group as we call it, started. Aun and Ahmed had cars while I had a motorcycle and Rehman had no vehicle. Therefore, we ended up spending most of our days at either school or at Rehman’s place because one, he didn’t have a transport and secondly, he had a floor to himself because his parents were not in Pakistan and his grandparents lived upstairs. I and Ahmed love gaming so both of us usually dominated the gaming scene between the four of us. Aun and Rehman loved cooking, so we ended up having a bad habit which was that 3 of used to snuck out of our homes at 1am and go to Rehman’s place where Rehman and Aun cooked while I and Ahmed used to either continuously disturb them or find something to watch for the next hour. We ended up getting back home by 3am. I never used to do this stuff before the group was formed. Aun had a great relationship with his neighbors and so I ended up making friends with the college student big bros as well. On the other hand, Ahmed used to play cricket and had a lot of cricket friends at the school. Turns out, I had an undiscovered love for cricket and when I started playing properly with Ahmed, I got to know a lot of people from there as well. Slowly from the kid who never socialized with anyone, I was becoming the person who got along with everyone and actually knew my class fellows. Though at that time I still didn’t know how to talk to girls because well I was in the boys campus of the school my whole life at that point. But I wasn’t completely like Raj in the big bang theory, I could still answer them if they asked me something. Though I did get over that a few years later as well. Continuing forwards, the group only kept expanding and, in some situations, I ended up being the one who helped a new friend open up to everyone.