So, let’s talk about CHARACTER and how a writer shows it!

I’ll start with a quote that you’ll find familiar:

When I tell gringos that my Mexican grandfather worked as a publicist, the news silences them.

Shocked facial expressions follow suit.

Their heads look ready to explode and I can tell they’re thinking, “In Mexico, there are PUBLICISTS?!”

I wryly grin at these fulanos and let my smile speak on my behalf. It answers, “Yes, bitch, in México, there are things to publicize such as our own fucking opinions about YOU.”

Myriam gurba

Consider this, and be ready to discuss it on Wednesday: How does Gurba show her character (also known as personality) through this passage?

Authors of all genres strive to share the characters of the people in their stories. A good way to share a person’s personality is by showing their actions, the way they talk, how they appear, and their thoughts.

This week we’re going to start talking about characterization in memoir and other genres and workshop Memoir 2! Yay! 🙂

Okay, so here’s Week 5’s Assignments. If you have questions, come to an Office Hour!