Back home in Bangladesh when I was 6 years old, I began playing soccer and cricket with my friends for the first time. These two sports are very popular in Bangladesh, so almost everyone knew how to play both soccer and cricket. As I grew older and older, I came to a realization that I loved soccer more than cricket. This is because, I was better at playing soccer than cricket, and I understood the game a little more than cricket. After that I started watching live soccer games on my tv, and became more interested in it.

As my birthday was coming up, I asked my mom for a soccer ball. So for my birthday, she bought me a soccer ball which I fell in love with. Ever since I got that soccer ball, almost every day I would take my soccer ball and go to my nearest park with my friends to play. All my friends loved the soccer ball, but not as much as me. Since that day, we would only use my soccer ball to play. This was the same day, when I started playing less cricket, even though I still liked the sport I just didn’t play it as much as soccer. My soccer ball made me fell in love with that sport even more, as I used that specific ball to play with my friends. This specific soccer ball made me a even better soccer player as I grew older.