Prof. Jessica Penner | D304 | Spring 2022

Adrian Polanco

Meet my red and gray hoodie that I received when I was in middle school. I had gotten it as a gift from my aunt who I see as another mother so right off the bat it was something I treasured and held with quite a lot of value. It was oversized and seeing how I was self-conscious during middle school it was something that I felt not only comfortable in but safe with. It felt like you were always being hugged or if you ever wanted to hide you could pull the cords on the hoodie and close it off so I didn’t have to talk to others. It’s a sweater that I still have to this day seeing how it still fits me perfectly, however it’s only something I wear when I need some type of comfort or a way to destress from the day, I’m able to put it on and just hide or fall asleep with it on. If I was to ever give this to someone it would be my one best friend, she tends to love oversized hoodies or shirts so I feel as though it would put a smile on her face to receive it as a gift from me.

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  1. Lisa Narinedhat

    Having a piece of clothing that is the comfiest and go to wear is the best especially hoodies!! It’s nice how not only did you get a comfy hoodie but also it means something to you since it came from someone you love. Also so sweet of you to want to gift it to someone special!

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