Some tips that I would like to give to future students are that, try to complete all work as early as possible because if left till the last day then you might not even be able to complete it on time. Most of the assignments professor gives are pretty lengthy and take time so by leaving work for the last day will just make your life harder. She does give a lot of time to do the work so the lengthy work wasn’t really a big problem. Another tip is that for all the projects, try to choose topics which you are really interested in because you will have to do a lot of research on them so it will make it easier for you to do research about it if you like the topic. One of the topics I chose for one of the projects was climate change and I didn’t really like the topic so it was really hard for me to find information about it because I didn’t have much interest in the topic. One last tip for this class is that always email the professor about something you do not understand because she is very active and responds really fast so do not hesitate to reach out either by emailing her or joining the office hours. Just do everything that needs to be done and you should be chilling. That’s all I have to say.