On Monday, May 2, we will…


DISCUSSION: Thinking about Revisions

  • Respond to the following question in small groups and as a class:
    • What unit assignment do you plan to revise? Explain what you will adjust and improve about your work.
  • We’ll have time at the end of class to discuss how to upload U3 to OpenLab, but be sure to review the instructions below.

After class, students will…

  • SUBMIT UNIT 3: Multimodal Project. Wondering how to upload this project? Review the step-by-step instructions below.
    • This project is due by 11:59 PM on Monday, May 2!
Uploading a video? Scroll down to Media and click on Video! Then choose how you want to upload it.

On Wednesday, May 4, we will…

WRITE: Reflecting and Building the Portfolio

  • Begin drafting your answers to the reflection questions:
    • Look at the reflection questions in the portfolio assignment and free write for 20 minutes. Use this to start writing your reflection (do not post yet).

After class, students will…

  • Write the Final Reflection and work on your Final Portfolio, paying attention to the guidelines and deadlines on OpenLab.
  • Remember, if you are going to revise ONE of your major writing assignments, you MUST write about what you changed and why you changed it in your Final Reflection. Otherwise, the original grade on U1, U2, or U3 will stand.